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Sie7e Photography

Capture the Moment


Here are some of my favorite projects- to see more go to my photo gallery

Perito Moreno Glacier, El Calafate

Hanoi Winter

Masai Mara Migration

Spring in DC

Spring time in Astoria, Queens - NY

The Great Migration - From Kenya to Tanzania

TipTap and the Masai in Kenya

TipTap reaches the Masai Tribe in Kenya at the Masai Mara

The Chief of this Manyata (Village in Masai) is on the left and his son is right next to him. They absolutely LOVED to hear about TipTap's mission (and of course were excited to be a part of it!)

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Dinner Time in Kenya

 On our way to the Masai Mara Reserve in Kenya, we were fortunate enough to witness this incredible sky and Giraffes in their natural habitat eating their dinner.

Madison Love - NYC

Metallic Love- Fayetteville, North Carolina

Icy Fire -

Miraflores, Lima, Peru

Art as Ideology

Tina Modotti's photographs.

Hammer & Sickle & Star of Communism.


Notice that these are the three strongest currencies in the world in order of strength.

This is what controls the fate of our world.

Please look closely at the great amount of detail in how each letter was framed and cut out- all the important words, numbers, symbols, faces were made sure to be left in.

Virginia Beach

Sexywoman - Cuzco, Peru


Budapest through

the lens of

modern technology

Flores, Peten - Guatemala

Little Puerto Rico - South End, Boston

Lago Amatitlan - Guatemala

Neverending Lotus Garden, Washington DC

Mateu - Santiago, Dominican Republic

Lovers in La Romana - Dominican Republic

Country Shiht (zu) - Virginia

Lago Atitlan - Guatemala

Central Park Turtle Pond - NYC

Free Falling - Bayahibe, Dominican Republic

Connect the Dots - Hull, MA

Tied Together - Santiago


To be Heard - Santiago, Dominican Republic

Reflections of an Orchestrated Kiss - Rosslyn, Arlington

Parliament: Budapest, Hungary

Ryan Wilson Portraits


Roses are Red

"El fe no es ciego, el corazon lo ve" 

Juntar las manos collage


Juntar las manos

Expedition around the world

I Spy

открытая душа

Eye of the Beholder

Grab Hold

Spider Webs


Film Title Shot for UVa Student FIlm: The Account, by Saleh Karaman

Abre los ojos

Multiple Self Portrait

Yin & Yang

Latin American Culture Event


Classic Edge

Family Portrait

Se7en Colors


Flower Set