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Sie7e Photography

Capture the Moment

   Ashly Marie Bauserman 

I have been in a desperate search for the purpose of my existence.

I think we all reach that point in our lives when doing the mundane and what is asked of us in order to be "successful" is no longer enough. We want something deeper, something that confirms we are alive. I have discovered that my very nature is constantly searching for this "life-line."  

I have dedicated my existence to not just "existing" but to truly reaching my full potential. I have been learning languages since my earliest memories in order to discover more about myself through the eyes of different cultures. I remember being seven years old and knowing without any doubt that I wanted to dedicate my life to learning 7 languages, one for every day of the week. Needless to say, I studied 8. Languages ended up being the way I found others, and photography ended up being the way I found myself. Language helped me capture the emotions behind an interaction or special moment and photography has helped me translate those emotions in a physical way. 

I hope this will become an avenue that will inspire you to also realize that expressing yourself through creating is an incredibly liberating process.

Ashly Bauserman is also the owner of Finer Finance 101.