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How things have changed....

The last time I wrote (and only time on this blog) was back in 2009.  I was about to embark on an amazing and extremely difficult journey. It has been way over a year and so many things have changed, just as they should when you're in your early twenties and on a mission to discover who you are and take risks.

I moved to Guatemala for two reasons: 1) Desire to discover a part of myself (the hispanic part which had also experienced the first 5 years of her life there) and 2) I loved him.

I moved in order to realize what was important.  Family/community and Money.  I know that everyone always tells you that money isn't anything that we should aspire to have, but when you live without it- you realize how important it is.  It isn't that money itself is essential, but more the power is.  It isn't just any type of power, but it is the power to choose. 

I choose to travel, to try something new, to help, to save.  I love having the ability to do the following and for no one to take it away from me.

Guatemala is truly beautiful - but it is one of the most dangerous places to live in.

I am thankful for what I learned - for how thankful and appreciative I have become - for how centered I have become - for how much I value family and a good and productive life. 

We are always evolving and I just happen to be someone who is absolutely curious about most things in life.  I am curious about love, love lost, taking risks, finding happiness, following my heart, being passionate, meeting new people and most importantly I am curious about what it means to live a full life.

I will write again tomorrow as I have so much more to catch up on -

Hope you are all enjoying your new years!

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