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Sie7e Photography

Capture the Moment


Stream of consciousness

 Innocent boy meets complicated girl

Isolated together in the center of the world

As the necessity for walls and fixed ideologies were gone

Stream of Consciousness was the basis of their bond

She caught a glimpse of her own soul

Knowing it was not their moment to mold

He ignited the exploration of her emotions and true center

As she inspired and encouraged his need for worldly adventure

Care from one being to another without condition

Spiritual and emotional support stemming from a premonition

No justification or rationality was clear

Stream of Consciousness controlled that fear

They traveled apart but somehow grew eternally together

Developing their tastes, talents and memories without measure

Little did they know these elements were clues

That bonded them further experienced by few

A heart beat later she flew towards her intuition

Not knowing ancient dreams would come to fruition

As she slept his touch awoke the remembrance of the past

Stream of Consciousness is a bond so deep that it has last

Destiny, the language of God?s selection

Becoming fluent participants and benefiting from this election

Time is now measured with ?us? in the equation

Multiplying life?s gifts and subtle sensations

It is obvious there is no limit or end to our potential

No boundaries for our frequency levels is essential

I have -loved- you deeply in every dimension

As Stream of Consciousness inevitably led me in your direction


Impression remaining of the pelting caused by the piercing arrow

Rhythmic contractions resembling the very fundamentals of life

Encountering two mirrors of distinct hearts

Measure and duration of their beats dubiously apart

Meager illumination I only consider the shadows

Shadows of the opening to your essence using topography

He searches for legitimacy... One that language cannot provide

Slightly petrified of his incomprehensible findings I am

Refute is to contradict as reject is to deny

Apathy has been poured on his mind and chords

Disguised empathy sent by cupid himself

No regrets or remorse, only the tainting of pensiveness

That of which is scrupulously recalled

Secure in decisions followed by intuition

Insecure with the definite reasoning of his contributions

Awaiting the stability within myself

Until then, secret sentiments

The ticking clock I'm assured will be responsible for its downfall

My imagination blinded the concept: "marriage"

I was mistaken...

What's tangible.. is only substantial

No love except towards their singular connection of procreation

They were mistaken...

It's only substantial.. .what is tangible

Attempted protection until your eyes widen

It's effortless to shut them

It's the questions and reality which nearly rips them out

I did never blink

Profound wounds which heal, but eternally reopen

In disbelief of the facade you called life

The definition unclear, but its implication wrapped around me

in an ever frozen blanket.

The lesion has had no drip

In place an invisible bandage.

A bandage only I can remove.


Mental altercations occurring with no cease

Struggle between purity, veracity, convictions

Vast amount of demands, expectations, decisions

It's almost overwhelming

Should I close my lungs, await the passing?

Oxygen doesn't seem to be the cure

I've realized todays fragments I've endured

Yesterdays is distant and tomorrow's fragile

The thoughts ever changing yet constant

Concentrated distractions surrounding my every step

That step.... contains direction, an obscured infection

disease of the core, the soul, my very being

Grasping their significance in blend with my intentions

And still this expression shrouded amongs ambiguity

A repetition only diversely repeated within my duty

To revive and remind myself of the covert secrets

That marked my path.

My apologies for any trace of emotional discomfort

A girl being demanded of in quantities unsustainable

Especially from herself.

What is failure? What is success?

The desire for tomorrow, that is success.

Beyond that definition I confess

I've only discovered a juxtaposed mess.

The recipe to be in favor of tomorrow.....

A shared destiny

I hear and feel the scattering, the shattering, and joining ALL in ONE moment

Instability- my ongoing theme 


I am surrounded

Piercing laughter coming towards me

From every direction as I begin my inspection

Stares, glares, misleading smiles and -lies-

being constantly shared.

        What are they searching for?


I'm searching for a single breath

of truthfullness and exposure

Seeing beyond the surface

of what they've created for one another

Illusions, confusion.


I'm pondering: What constitutes their being?

I anticipate confessions,

That is where -my- approval can be found.


The longer I observe my surroundings

The more uncomfortable silences

among strangers becomes evident.

Continuous conversation, yet no fulfillment.

I am reminded of what is being sought:


Starving eyes for confessions

of others depressions

Security, that others confide in their false purity

Yet the unwillingness to unmask

The competition continues.

Behind their smiles?

A prism of refracted spectrums I'm certain

Confidence and faith can tear open this curtain

A need for protection for fear of rejection

I am -NOT- fooled

Innocence is inexistent

I still anticipate confessions

That is where my approval can be found.